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Checkmate Chlollie
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Role-Reversal: Captain America
Chloe/Susan Linden-Thorne/Black Orchid
A collection of manips for my new storyboard fic, The Spy and the Assassin.

Art for Sephiruto
Manip and Banners created for sephiruto

For smallvillebbang

Story - http://sephiruto.livejournal.com/6463.html#t8255

Submission for Secret Chlark

For: ellyfanfic (aka Ellyfanfiction)
Request: Shelby, beach, Chloe's VW Beetle, Chlark as Soulmates, Happily Ever After
Type: Graphics + FIC
Title: Soulmates
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 8,300 words
Warnings: Chlollie, brief mention of past Clana & Clois
Summary: Future-fic. This is how two best friends figure out that they are soulmates. The road for true love is scary, painful and not easy… but worth it.
A/N: I wasn't able to meet the no LLs request. But I promise it's only past mentions, no interactions. Un-beta'd so please forgive any errors.


The wedding manip art was created by the very talented tehzo

SVsunkenships FIC contribution
FIC: Fall With Me - Chloe/Carter - R
By: iluvaqt
Requested by: phillydragonldy
The prompt: Hawkman takes Chloe flying
Title: Fall With Me
Pairing: Chloe/Carter
Type of fill: FIC
Rating: R (adult themes, sexual references)
Length: 2026
Summary: Set after Absolute Justice. Implies established relationship based on meeting of the minds and mutual need.
Read here...

Just under two months and 114k words?

How? I do know the answer to that. Insane writing hours, and an addiction that won't quit and doesn't seem inclined to release me anytime soon.

Thank you, purple_moon123 I think I'll celebrate by posting some lovely pics and the series details to chloecrossing

Marvel / DC : Nightingale
Chloe/Susan Linden-Thorne/Black Orchid
So plenty had happened in the Chloe X Steve crossover since they got married... More screencaps, Gifs and manips to enjoy.


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Chloe x Steve
Pictures that inspired my crossover series; DC/Marvel: Nightingale. Including a manip I made myself too (after plenty of fails, I think I'm getting the hang of this)...

By chleansmile

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Smallville/ Captain America/ Avengers crossover
Chloe/Susan Linden-Thorne/Black Orchid

Thanks to purple_moon123

A new ship has taken over all my creative writing ability.

Linking Ao3
Nightingale: Origins

Chloe Sullivan x Steve Rogers

Fanart next post

SVsunkenships FIC contribution
Checkmate Chlollie
So I filled one of the prompts I signed on for.


Pairing: Chloe/Bart

A one-off prompt fill.

Hope you all like it. :)


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